Teaching overview

Learning points

  • Scientists teach a robot to play soccer so it can learn better balance and help in search and rescue situations.
  • Scientists film a previously unknown type of snailfish at a record depth.
  • NASA reveals the Artemis II crew, who will be going into space in November 2024.

Curriculum keywords

  • Robot
  • Snailfish
  • Artemis II Crew

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Spark a discussion


  • What is the name of the soccer playing robot?
  • How does the robot track and kick the ball?
  • Can you think of other tasks that the robot could potentially help with?


  • What kind of unknown fish did scientists manage to film?
  • What did the scientists use to attract the fish to the camera?
  • Can you name any other fish that are found in the deep sea?

Artemis II Crew

  • What are the names of the four crew members who will be going into space on Artemis II?
  • When is the Artemis II mission scheduled for launch?
  • What do you think will be the hardest challenge the astronauts will face in space?

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