Teaching overview

Learning points

  • A new rocket has been launched that runs on sustainable biofuel.
  • Due to climate change, plants are releasing pollen over a longer period of time in spring. This is causing some people to suffer from hay fever for nearly three extra weeks.
  • A drone is being used to reforest woodland in Spain, scattering seeds as it flies over damaged forests.

Curriculum keywords

  • Sustainability
  • Nature
  • Drones

Video viewing guide

This graphic organizer supports your students to capture their thoughts and questions as they watch the news update.

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Spark a discussion

Biofuel-Powered Rocket

  • What are biofuels made from?
  • What other purposes do you think biofuels could be used for?
  • Can you think of any disadvantages that using biofuels might have on the natural world?

Hay Fever

  • How is climate change causing plants to release pollen over a longer period of time?
  • Have you ever suffered from hay fever?
  • Can you think of any other health problems that climate change may cause to get worse?

Tree-Planting Drone

  • Why are thriving forests important for tackling climate change?
  • Why might a drone be more efficient at planting trees than humans?
  • Does designing drones sound like an interesting job?

Classroom resources

Use these resources to get the most out of the news update and engage your class in topical science!

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