Teaching overview

Learning points

  • Students have designed a snakebot to explore the Moon.
  • Cockatoos have shown that they can solve problems using tools.
  • Scientists have created synthetic skin to replace human volunteers when testing insect repellents for mosquitoes.

Curriculum keywords

  • Snakebot
  • Cockatoo Tools
  • Synthetic Skin

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Spark a discussion


  • What animal inspired the design of the students’ robot?
  • How does the robot move downhill?
  • Do you know the name of the first person to walk on the Moon?

Cockatoo Tools

  • What kind of cockatoos took part in the study?
  • How many tools did the cockatoos use?
  • Do you know some other animals that have been known to use tools?

Synthetic Skin

  • How do scientists normally test insect repellents for mosquitoes?
  • How is synthetic skin created?
  • Do you know how mosquitoes spread diseases?

Classroom Resources

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