Teaching overview

Learning points

  • Marine heatwaves are threatening to kill sea stars and disrupt ocean ecosystems.
  • Pilots in the United States are landing planes by gliding them to the runway to use less fuel.
  • A wildlife camera trap in Colorado has recorded over 400 photos of a single black bear.

Curriculum keywords

  • Sea Stars
  • Planes
  • Bears

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Spark a discussion

Sea Star Threat

  • How do sea stars help keep ocean ecosystems balanced?
  • How do underwater heatwaves harm sea stars?
  • Can you think of how we could reduce the likelihood of underwater heatwaves?

Landing Planes

  • How does flying damage the environment?
  • How are pilots changing the way they land planes?
  • Have you ever been a passenger on a plane and noticed the plane head toward the ground in different stages?

Selfie Bear

  • What different animals have the Colorado wildlife cameras taken photos of?
  • Does being a wildlife ranger sound like an interesting job to have?
  • What animals might a motion sensor camera photograph if it was set up near where you live?

Classroom Resources

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Twig Science: A Complete Pre-K–8 Program for the NGSS

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  • Hands-on, digital, video, and print investigations
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