Teaching overview

Learning points

  • Lyric Opera becomes the first opera house to provide the SoundShirt, which allows Deaf or hard of hearing audience members to feel music.
  • Architects design the Azabudai Hills development in Tokyo to bring more nature and green space to the city.
  • Researchers create a puzzle box to study the problem-solving skills of striated caracaras falcons to estimate their ability to adapt to new challenges in their environment.

Curriculum keywords

  • Sound Shirt
  • Green Space
  • Falcons

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Spark a discussion

New Kind of Shirt

  • What is the name of the new kind of shirt that helps those who are Deaf or hard of hearing feel music?
  • What do users feel when they are wearing the shirt?
  • Can you think of other places or events where the shirt could potentially enhance the experience of people who are Deaf or have hearing difficulties?

Creating Green Space

  • Can you name the development in Tokyo that is designed to bring more green space to the city?
  • How did the architects begin to design the development and test their plans?
  • In what other ways could we potentially increase public green spaces in cities?

Problem-Solving Falcons

  • What type of falcon was involved in the study?
  • How many different challenges did the falcons have to solve as part of the study?
  • What do researchers hope they can estimate from the study, and why is it important?

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