Teaching overview

Learning points

  • Geo-location technology is being used to rescue survivors from a devastating earthquake that has struck Türkiye and Syria.
  • Researchers have recorded the hidden sounds of nature from beneath polar ice sheets.
  • Engineers have designed a robot called Frida that can create artistic paintings.

Curriculum keywords

  • Earthquake
  • Polar Sounds
  • Robot

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Spark a discussion

Earthquake Rescue

  • In what countries did the recent earthquake happen?
  • How is modern technology helping to save the lives of people trapped by an earthquake?
  • Do you know what causes earthquakes?

Polar Sounds

  • Which animals live in the North and South Poles?
  • What do Ross seals sound like?
  • Do you know why icebergs are melting?

Painting Robot

  • What have scientists called the painting robot?
  • What technology allows the robot to create its paintings?
  • Do you think robots will ever replace human artists?

Classroom Resources

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