Teaching overview

Learning points

  • A new drone that can see through smoke has been developed, helping firefighters to combat wildfires.
  • A robot guide dog is helping blind and vision-impaired people to navigate indoor spaces.
  • An underwater drone has been designed to help survey the ocean.

Curriculum keywords

  • drones
  • robots
  • navigation

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Fire-fighting Drone

  • How does the drone assist firefighters?
  • What type of sensors does the drone have?
  • How can the drone help firefighters to save buildings?

Robot Guide Dog

  • How can the robot guide dog assist people living with vision loss?
  • What advantages does the robot guide dog have over GPS technology?

Underwater Drone

  • How can Hydrus help us learn more about the ocean?
  • What advantages does Hydrus have over human divers?
  • How deep underwater can Hydrus travel?
  • What areas of the ocean would you explore with an underwater drone?

Classroom Resources

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Twig Science: A Complete Pre-K–8 Program for the NGSS

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  • Hands-on, digital, video, and print investigations
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