Teaching overview

Learning points

  • Scientists are using drones to collect samples of rare plants in Hawaii.
  • Glass frogs have been filmed to reveal how they become super camouflaged as they sleep.
  • NASA has published a number of photos showing wintery conditions on Mars.

Curriculum keywords

  • Rare plants
  • Frog camouflage
  • Mars

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Spark a discussion

Collecting Plants

  • How are scientists using drones to collect rare plants?
  • Why do you think it is important to protect rare plants?
  • Does collecting rare plants look like an interesting job?

Frog Camouflage

  • What continent do glass frogs live in?
  • How do glass frogs improve their camouflage as they sleep?
  • Can you think of any animals that use camouflage near where you live?

Mars Winter

  • How cold can winter temperatures get on Mars?
  • What gas can freeze on Mars, but not on Earth, during winter?
  • Do you think winter occurs on other planets in the Solar System too?

Classroom Resources

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Twig Science: A Complete Pre-K–8 Program for the NGSS

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  • Hands-on, digital, video, and print investigations
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