Teaching overview

Learning points

  • There have been a lot of unique science stories so far in 2024, from wild weather to historic moments in space.
  • There has been an above-average number of tornadoes in the United States so far this year.
  • In March, a swarm of bees stopped a tennis match.
  • Scientists have discovered a new species of ancient amphibian.

Curriculum keywords

  • tornadoes
  • bees
  • amphibians

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Spark a discussion


  • By May 20th, how many tornadoes had been recorded in the United States?
  • Can you name one of the states most affected by tornadoes?
  • What kinds of damage can a tornado cause?


  • In which state was the tennis tournament?
  • Who removed the bees from the stadium?
  • Can you think of any other animals that move in large groups?

Ancient Amphibian Discovery

  • How many years ago did the ancient amphibian live?
  • What name is given to people who study fossils?
  • Do you know the scientific name for any other species?

Classroom Resources

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Twig Science: A Complete Pre-K–8 Program for the NGSS

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  • Investigating, designing, building, and understanding phenomena
  • Hands-on, digital, video, and print investigations
  • Synchronous/asynchronous distance learning