Teaching overview

Learning points

  • Scientists have discovered that the movement of Taylor Swift’s fans dancing at a concert caused the Earth’s surface to move.
  • The 250th California condor chick has hatched at San Diego Zoo Wildlife Park—this species of bird is critically endangered!
  • Scientists have been testing a robotic dog, alongside a real one, to see how it moves on surfaces similar to the Moon’s.

Curriculum keywords

  • Taylor Swift
  • California condors
  • robotic dog

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Spark a discussion

Taylor Swift

  • In what state did the scientists carry out the experiment?
  • What does seismic activity indicate?
  • What other events could scientists study to learn more about the movement of the Earth’s surface?

California Condors

  • How many California condors were left in the wild just over 40 years ago?
  • What did scientists name the newly hatched chick?
  • Where would you normally expect to see a CT scanner?

Robotic Dog

  • What name was given to the robot? And what name did the real dog have?
  • Why do you think the team chose to research the dogs’ movement on Mount Hood?
  • What other things, apart from legs, would you put on a robot to help it explore the Moon’s surface?

Classroom Resources

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Twig Science: A Complete Pre-K–8 Program for the NGSS

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